I Came to My Horse…

I Came to my Horse,

with a pocketful of promises,

I had made them myself,

planned all the things we would do today!


As I came upon her glinting curves,

reflecting the azure sky,

nostrils softly blowing,

Into clouds above.


Hooves planted firmly amid verdant pasture,

She inclined her head toward me,

her curved neck asking a question,

Her soft brown eye gazing.


As she moved closer I received,

her soft velvet muzzle into my hand,

to caress her silky dimply chin,

with head low into my hands,

she spoke my name in silence.


Her warm sweet smell filling,

my senses, her spirit touched mine,

and we were one with all things,

she embraced me with earths,

healing wisdom again.


My plans a distant memory,

she blinked and nickered,

quietly saying’ peace be

With us today’.


Written for my beautiful inspiration  ‘Anam Cara’